My Take on the Travon Martin Case

It became clear to me when Travon’s lawyers said “this case has nothing to do with race.” I thought, Holy Moly!!! They’re washing their hands of it. Caught between the Devil and the NRA, the prosecution went through the motions in a charade that spun loopholes for Zimmerman to skip through and for Florida State Attorney, Angela Corey, to say she tried. They did not stand the ground that Travon was entitled to as much as they covered their ass. This case was all about race.

The pundits say “I respect the decision” and then go on to give a hundred reasons why the prosecution lost the case. There was only one reason. It doesn’t matter what they say because the jurors were predetermined to find “George” innocent. They lied to get on that jury and lied when they said “race was never a factor.” Their lawless conduct showed utter contempt for the legal system and I do not feel obliged to respect their decision. For crying out loud man, there’s enough evidence here to convict them of perjury and dereliction of duty.

Hillary Clinton, whose husband was declared the first black President by a prominent black woman, declared that the solution to this injustice lies in the sisterhood. Is she not aware that it was a jury of six women that let the killer go free? That it was a female judge who returned his gun to him? Did she not know that Angela Corey is a woman? And was the divine intercessor portrayed by that woman (more Mary than the Virgin herself), sitting next to George Zimmerman, too sublime for her? And why are men to blame? Do I smell 2016?

If it weren’t for the term post-racial, this would not have happened. No prejudice or addiction is ever post. After every advance, complacency sets in but the evil of ignorance and hate is always lurking around. The Martin family sought refuge in church and Morgan Freeman narrated a TV series about a future where computers can hack into the human mind. I couldn’t help wondering, what if he was also thinking of all the people throughout history hacked from the pulpit and converted into slaves. The mental chains are said to be unbreakable and to see the real first black President struggle to free himself is truly a Mobius experience. There is no way out…but some have broken free.

2 thoughts on “A MOBIUS EXPERIENCE
My Take on the Travon Martin Case”

  1. Tell me more. Go ahead, dive into the details. I’m feeling the splash, the temp of the waters…but I need you to have the seaweed in your hands and show me the actual plant. Wow, that it’s ALL WOMEN. You’re right! All-woman jury, prosecutor, judge. Potential mothers who are grappling with the idea of two deaths rather than one. Estrogen trying to make sense of the testosterone flare-up: [What’s the reasoning behind such a jury of SIX?] Stand your ground? Wowza. Really, does everything have to be wrestled to the ground, into a law? Really? It’s too Catholic for me. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO SOCIETAL NAYS? Okay. I know. Dat be gone.GONE! Now nobody has to think for themselves. JUST FOLLOW THE LAW, feckless as it is. I know this is ironic…but: government cannot hope to be democracy until it is gender nutrualized [I feel the wince–but maybe…just maybe…we can get a legislature that understands how humanity proceseeds [sic]: Egg/Sperm.:[Women have distinct bodies, history, sympathies–I’m talking about women candidates that are relegated/designated their oan position, a mandatory percentage.. Not women vying against men for a vote.] [Long parenthetical expression, no?]. Dunno.
    Enlighten me.

  2. Where is the continuing analysis of the Trayvon Martin case? Yes it was about race. Accepted and moving on…George Zimmerman…interestingly a criminal justice graduate…don’t recall the institution…a cop groupie…an inferiority complex that found a solution in the phony macho of uniforms and firearms. Zimmerman also found his way out of his inferiority thru his role playing with the opposition of me v. them…them in this case being Blacks….Black kid??? just a kid. It’s like a video game gone real. The very curious thing is that despite the Florida stand your ground law…that misguided law never really came into play in the trial…only in the media. The media must…though they rarely do…ever take any responsibility for spinning the “killing of Trayvon Martin” and the trial into the three ring circus it became. In reality and not to diminish the crime of murder in any degree… the equation of tragedy was… psychotic Zimmerman enters the scene, stupidly but purposely…because of his inferiority seeking macho self assurance mindset … mistakes what he saw…Trayvon Martin returning to the place he’s staying at from his very ordinary errand to the convenience store… creates the entire tragedy directed drama by confronting a young man and then both brandishing and threatening him with a pistol. And…when young Trayvon possibly sought to defend himself, having no option, possibly to just leave the scene… Zimmerman shot him in the chest…killing him. I won’t bother to go into the confused mindset of cops at the scene and their series of errors of judgement and the trial and the errors of judgement on the part of the prosecution and the judicial bench. This was a first class miscarriage of justice, and I’m afraid we have not seen the last of its kind in Florida and around the country. Nonsense like this is certainly not owned only by Florida.

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