Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Hair, what is it good for? Samson, Absalom, Mary Magdalene, Rapunzel and Goldilocks found it useful but for the most part it’s a breeding ground for germs and vermin.

There are cultures in which hair or the lack of it signifies a state of mourning, celebration, punishment, shame, pride, beauty and anything else you can think of. Some societies even issue mandates that forbid exposing hair to public viewing. Hair configurations can dramatically and instantaneously change one’s appearance for reasons of disguise or for recharging a waning libido. It can even make you look smarter.

Depending on where on the globe you stand, Venus and Adonis could be a Hirsute woman and a bald man. Attractiveness is simply a result of cultural conditioning. Therefore, beauty is essentially in the eyes of the believer. Madison Avenue is well aware of that when they trot out their latest fashions. They know all too well that people can be induced toward a new aesthetic even if it makes them look ridiculous. And hair is a big part of the scam.

Trendy consumers know that life is so much easier without hair care and maintenance and yet they invest so much time and money cultivating, eradicating and restoring hair all over their skin. They all want hair to die for. Perhaps because it grows even after death.

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